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Handy Tips

Adding to your shopping list
  • Use the text field at the top of the display list page. As you type autocomplete options will appear in a select list. These options are items that are already in the store. Using these options will help keep the map of the store consistant.
  • Once you've visited your list once you can email from the email address you use to view your list. Each line in the email is treated as a list item. The subject will be displayed as the reason that the items are on the list.
  • You can add a whole recipe by sending an email to The subject should start with "recipe" followed by the recipe name you want to use. Each ingredient should be a line in the body. You can add the whole recipe in future emails by putting the recipe name in the body like an ingredient.
  • You can import a list of ingredients from many recipe sites by following the URL link in the upper right. Just paste the url for the recipe you're trying to import and the listmaker will do its best to find the ingredients on the recipe page and match them to existing items in the store. You can edit the ingredients that it finds and give it a name if you think you'll want to use that recipe multiple times.
  • You can add a whole recipe that you've previously saved using the saved link in the upper right. Clicking on any of the recipes that you've saved will import all that recipe's ingredients to that list.

Removing items from your shopping list
  • When you're viewing your shopping list in a store you can swipe right on an item and a red "remove" will appear. Tapping the remove will remove the item from the list. If you don't have a good connection to the internet then a button will appear at the bottom of the list to remove the items that couldn't be removed while you're in the store.
  • Sending an email to with the subject "clear list" will remove everything from your shopping list.

Creating and Managing a Store
  • Stores are shared by everyone! Do your best to use good item, category, and aisle names. The more accurate a store model is the easier to use and more accurate it will get as duplication and confusion are avoided.
  • When you create a store it is best to use a good, recognizable name and an accurate address. Having several well-defined and findable stores in your area is great as you can view your list in any store.
  • Once you've created the store it is a good idea to walk through the store and note good categories for each aisle. This makes it easier to put things in the right aisles when you add an item that isn't already in the store. It's easy to know where canned pineapple goes if you know what aisle canned fruit is in.
  • As you add unknown items to your list they will appear at the bottom of list. When you know what aisle or category to put that item in, longpressing on that item will bring up a select list and you can choose which aisle to put it in. (There's a small transitional bug here in that when you move an item it is like you have found it in the store so it is removed from your list. If you're just using common sense to move it to the correct category you will have to re-add it to your list.)
In-Store Tips
  • It's easiest if you lock your orientation to portrait.
  • You might find that an item appears in the wrong aisle on your list. Like with unknown items, longpressing on that item will bring up a select list and you can choose the correct aisle to put it in.